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While hand loom weaving is by its very nature ecologically friendly, the cultivation of yarns for cloth production itself throws down other challenges to fabric manufacturers, including Malabar.  World cotton cultivation in particular uses a vast amount of pesticide and fertilisers at present and there is just not enough cotton being grown without these.  While organic fabrics for clothing are quite well-established in the fashion industry, so far Malabar is one of the few companies to pioneer its use in home furnishings.  Recent introductions to our collections are two landmark ranges which use organic yarns, enabling customers to start ‘decorating green’ for the first time.
Timba is a versatile collection curtain-weight plain cottons in a selection of 65 essential colours.  Yarn dyed to ensure the distinctive vibrancy for which Malabar fabrics are known the world over, Timba carries all the subtle changes in weave which mark out craftsman-made fabrics and which give the fabric its liveliness.  It is destined to become one of Malabar’s best basic plains. 
Taishan is a luxurious velvet notable for its soft pile and made from the new wonder yarn, bamboo fibre.  Bamboo is becoming increasingly important as yarn, as it grows quickly without pesticides or fertilizer, so meeting all the criteria for organic status.  Taishan is one of the first furnishing fabrics to use this promising new fibre and may be used for the full range of furnishings, from upholstery to curtaining.
We are striving to produce yet more eco-friendly furnishing fabrics.  It will take time before we can produce all our collections in organic yarns, but we are looking to introduce more pesticide and fertiliser free fabrics such as Timba and Taishan in the next few years.

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