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China Grass Wallpapers
Wall Preparation
Care Instructions
Roll sizes
Important Notice Regarding Batches

China Grass Wallpapers...
China Grass Wallpapers comprises of 22 wallcoverings made from natural fibres: sisal, jute, bullrush, paper and rattan.
With little or no chemicals used in the production; the reeds are picked by hand and dried in the sun before being woven into wallpapers.
These graceful textures are ideal for drawing attention to one wall in a scheme, and we fell they really 'dress' your walls.

Wall Preparation...
Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth. Ideally walls should be cross-lined.

We recommend using a premier clear adhesive.

Cut out wall coverings to a minimum of 10cm longer than the wall.
Give sufficient time for the paper to become supple (5-8 minutes) after applying paste.
Avoid over application and paste coming into contact with the correct side of the paper.
Ensure joins are butted and not overlapped.
Using a soft bristle brush, gently sweep in one direction (so as not to break the natural fibres) to ensure the paper is sitting flat.
Cut off surplus wall coverings top and bottom with a sharp knife.
After hanging no more than 2-3 lengths it is advised that you inspect the result to ensure there are no shading or other faults.

Care Instructions...
Dust wallpaper lightly to clean. Do not use water as it may distort the natural fibres.

Roll sizes...
China Grass wallpapers are 90cm/36in wide x 7.2m/283in

Important Notice Regarding Batches...
Whilst every effort is made to ensure our papers reach you in perfect condition, variations can occur in shade and pattern. Before cutting and hanging please check that all papers have the same batch number and that there are no defects.
We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for defects that were not noticed at the time of hanging, nor for any consequential loss.

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