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A Word About Handloom

Most Malabar fabrics are made entirely by hand using traditional time honoured methods, requiring great skill and patience, and special care should be taken to ensure correct usage and cleaning. Please remember that a major part of the charm and beauty of handloom lies in the irregularity of the weave and of pattern repeats, which should not be treated as a defect, but as part of the character of a natural handmade product. A fabric with pattern repeats can sometimes be slightly out of line, which can usually be rectified by gently easing the fabric before cutting.

Please remember that fabrics should always be cut at right angles to the selvedge and not on the grain.

Handweaving is an extremely time-consuming business, with each loom averaging around 7m per day. Our aim is to keep a minimum of a months stock of each fabric in our London warehouse to enable us to fulfill orders. Of course it is not that simple, and a run on a fabric can leave us out of stock for some time. Replenishing stocks can take up to 8 weeks, but please get in touch for an accurate delivery date. It is helpful to bear in mind that most of our fabrics are not machine made - they have to be dyed by hand, woven by hand and sent seven and a half thousand kilometres.

Care and Cleaning
Several of our fabrics are washable - Shamois, Maya and Chiru, for all other Malabar fabrics we recommend dry-cleaning by specialist dry-cleaners. Some of our fabrics may be sensitive to certain cleaning treatments and will require a restricted cleaning procedure. The use of proprietary products for spot cleaning of fitted upholstery should be administered on site by a professional cleaning specialist.

Regular cleaning, the use of arm caps, turning of cushions, protecting furniture from exposure to strong sunlight and the application of protective treatments will greatly assist in the care of fabrics.

Curtains should be lined, and interlined where possible, and should be drawn back from windows during daylight hours.

Once goods have been cut, treated, made-up, installed or damaged in any way, they cannot be retuned for credit under any circumstances. For further details please go back to your supplier or contact our sales department.

Faulty Goods
Any alleged faults in our goods must be reported to us in writing within seven days of receipt of those goods otherwise claims cannot be considered.

Colour Matching
We recommend that when colour-matching is important, a stock cutting (is a small piece cut from the fabric reserved for you) is requested. This is especially useful when the order is taken from different rolls. This allows the customer to check the rolls match and approve the fabric prior to cutting and despatch.

In accordance with the UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, all Malabar fabrics have been tested for flammability. Details of all test results are avilable upon request through our sales department.

Roll Sizes
Rolls measure approximately 32m, other than most of the lightweight sheers which measure approximately 26m.

It is our policy to organise prompt deliveries, but delivery dates, whilst done so in good faith, are only approximate and are not guaranteed. The company shall not be liable for the consequence of any delay whatsoever and however occasioned.

For a complete set of our Terms and Conditions please see your Malabar Price List.

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